Saturday, March 11, 2006

The master plan (or what to do when the AA won't insure you )

I'll be creating a new blog in the coming weeks to review anime DVD's and manga in a few weeks and I'll set up a link on this blog to it. Any suggestions as to what I should call it? Closing date for entries is 22th March.

Speed problems( or a difference in gherkins )

I 've been having problems with my download speed recently and my ISP gave a microsoft style response

it's checks out fine here it must be a problem at your end.

But after a few days it's started to improve and all is right with the world. Oniisan who pays for the internet connection was furious at the start but now that it's improved is happier. Oh remember I told about my family? Well I decided ,since I like anime, that I would refer to them by japanese honorifics. Check out this website for explanations.

Also, I don't what a gherkin tastes or looks like but I've suddenly become afraid of them.Very afraid.

Friday, March 10, 2006

School's Out for Summer! Or at else for the weekend

At school at the moment on my lunch break. Sorry if any one was waiting for pictures over the last few days. Camera phone went on the fritz so couldn't get any on today. I'll take some pictures of clouds on my way home. Hmmmm, Clouds. I like clouds

Thursday, March 09, 2006

School or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the malaise

You've probably been wondering about school right and the fact I haven't mentioned it yet. I spent today trying to catch up on English and History assignments. Don't worry: I'll be in school tomorrow....mother. First pictures tomorrow I promise (hopefully...)

God am I tired.....

Beans and......Rocky!?!

Eating beans while watching Rocky 1 on TV. God, this movie is cool. Do you guys have a favorite film? Let me know. In the meantime check out this link. Now quiet, I'm trying to enjoy Stallone's thespian performance(!?!)

Beans and economics but mostly beans

It's now Thursday morning and I've just had beans on
toast. As I was watching the TV and eating, two
thoughts occurred to me. Firstly why, if the average
tin of beans cost about 20c to produce and the can
cost about 5c to make, was I paying triple for the tin
of beans? Secondly, and this overrode the first
thought, I'm eating beans on toast! Who cares!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

RSS, Feedburner and The Mighty ATOM!!!!

I've added the site to Feedburner and there's a link to it in the sidebar. I've tested the RSS feed with Awasu and it seems to be working. I like Technology. Hmmmmm, Technology.......

Weather update

It's sunshine right now in hamster city. This is after a five and half hour downpour. What the hell!?! The man upstairs is doing funny things to my day. I'm trying to put together an essentials list of stuff I like to watch for you guys to read. I'll try and include it today if I can figure out the JavaScript.

Sunny weather, gooood....Rainy weather, baaaad...

The weather today was miserable. It sucked. In my country, the weather comes with two settings: Rainy or Nuclear. People are either complaining that it's too hot or too wet. Billy Connolly was right when he said that people who complain about getting a little wet are stupid.

Oh, boo hoo! I'm getting wet! I have no other clothes in the world and I'm caught in a downpour!

Big Deal. Unless you've actually have no other clothes to speak of and then the weather is a problem.

In my links page I've listed a few websites that I like to visit(no, not that sort of website) and most are anime or film related but occasionally I'll list regular stuff as well. I'll also set links in my posts as well. If you don't know what Shrinkster is click

If I get a chance I'll post again today or tomorrow and if you're around on Sunday night I'll be posting images of my home town.

See if you can guess where I am. First person to guess gets a prize to be shown on the website.

Time and the lack thereof( Or Hello and Welcome!)

Hello and welcome to Eeeper's Choice! This is my rant to the world and I'm going to enjoy it! As you've read in the description, I'm a hamster cleverly disguised as a human so as such nothing I say should be taken literal. Nothing I say here is meant to cause offence in any way. If it does send me a comment as I can't help if you guys don't tell me. You might find my humour sarcastic, weird or just plain stupid. In any case comments are all good (except for the really creepy know what i'm talking about, don't you? Hey where you going? Hey come back!) and all so reply away! (Eeeper's note: My family's privacy is something I value and I don't want them involved in my blog. I know that other Bloggers tell any one who'll listen all about their wife, offspring, yadda,yadda,yadda but for now I'll just tell you that I have a family and they look out for me especially when I've been at the cat-nip.) Now on to today's post!

Did you ever notice how if you spend time in front of the TV from say, 8 to 11pm, you always miss the really good programs? No, memorizing when the latest episode of LOST will be on doesn't count. Oh don't get me started about LOST or Desperate Housewives. Ya know, I've really tried to like those shows, I really have. But every time I tried to watch them I kept getting bored real quick. Don't get me wrong I like nice, meaty shows but I just don't like these shows. I am just sick of people raving on about them being great and sophisticated and on and on, blah,blah,blah.

I like shows like The X-Files, Star Trek(in all its forms) Law & Order, CSI and others. Please don't think I just like sci-fi and fringe shows. I have a thing for 80's films no matter how bad they are. Like just recently I bought Legend, Explorers and The Last Starfighter, three films I haven't seen for years. My brothers love me for getting them as these days entertainment value in films is going down hill in a hurry.

I go to school on planet Earth with the rest of the other hamsters. We share a communal wheel in which Comrade Rodrick doesn't seem to be pulling his weight. This can be interpreted by the fact he keeps taking extra long lunch breaks and complains that the large meat bags are coming to take him away again...... I don't know which is worse: the wheel all day long or the prospect of going home to an empty dustbin every night.

Well that's it from this post for now. More news from the dustbin soon and pictures of my adventure in our nation's dirt heap, er, I mean capital.

Laters fellow rodents!