Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sunny weather, gooood....Rainy weather, baaaad...

The weather today was miserable. It sucked. In my country, the weather comes with two settings: Rainy or Nuclear. People are either complaining that it's too hot or too wet. Billy Connolly was right when he said that people who complain about getting a little wet are stupid.

Oh, boo hoo! I'm getting wet! I have no other clothes in the world and I'm caught in a downpour!

Big Deal. Unless you've actually have no other clothes to speak of and then the weather is a problem.

In my links page I've listed a few websites that I like to visit(no, not that sort of website) and most are anime or film related but occasionally I'll list regular stuff as well. I'll also set links in my posts as well. If you don't know what Shrinkster is click

If I get a chance I'll post again today or tomorrow and if you're around on Sunday night I'll be posting images of my home town.

See if you can guess where I am. First person to guess gets a prize to be shown on the website.

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