Sunday, October 22, 2006

Need a coffee.....or tea

It's 1:10am and I need a coffee. Problem is I'm so cold that I don't want to get up and get one for myself. Hmmm, what should I do?

I ordered volumes four and six of Stand Alone Complex and on the day they were supposed to arrive someone else signed for them. Not someone from my house. SOMEONE ELSE. After about five frantic calls to the delivery service(it was one of the major ones) they said that the guy that delivered it had gone home for the weekend and there was no way to contact him. So I had to sit tight until Monday. So I'm tearing my hair out until my mother tells me to relax and that there was nothing I could do until Monday. So with that I gave up worrying until Monday.

Then this morning(Sat) I get a knock at the door. It's my next door neighbour. I lived next to his house for over twenty years. He and I are on good if not great terms. He says hi and hands me the package meant for me. turns out the delivery guy didn't get an answer from my house so he left in with my neighbour! Now this is NOT the postal service. It's one of the biggest delivery services in the WORLD. They're not supposed to "leave it in with the neighbour". Lucky for me my neighbour is a nice guy. Needless to say I'll be complaining in writing. Sooner rather than later.

I've decided that I'm going to ignore the guy who's bugging me at work. He's not gonna be there in Feb so I've just to put up with him till then.

Huummmm, It's now 1:28am and I have a slice of apple pie and some tea and the portable heater is on in front of me! Yippee! Happy days and nights!

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